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Automate workload IAM policies: zero-friction development, zero-trust security.

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Effortless discovery, seamless automation!

Say goodbye to wrestling with AWS IAM, Azure IAM, Google Cloud IAM, network policies, and database access. Just tell us what your services need to call, and let Otterize handle the rest. Simplify your infrastructure, on your terms!

Uncover sensitive services with ease

Identify security gaps without the guesswork! Otterize not only efficiently locates sensitive services across your environment, but also assists in translating regulatory requirements like PCI into specific actionable detections. Whether your deployments are on Kubernetes clusters or hybrid infrastructures, Otterize maps them out and pinpoints critical areas in need of extra protection.

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Mitigate risks

Ease security concerns and protect against zero-day attacks using Otterize. Otterize automates the creation of zero-trust policies tailored to your applications, guaranteeing seamless service security. Experience faster remediation, limit the blast radius of potential threats, and elevate your overall security architecture effortlessly.

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Achieve continuous adaptive compliance

Remain ahead of the curve with Otterize's continuous adaptive compliance. Once a compliance breach is identified, Otterize promptly offers real-time recommendations, ensuring your team stays fully informed. Seamlessly integrate with your tools, such as Slack and PR workflows, to ensure swift and coordinated responses to potential threats.

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Jun 13 2024
Mastering Kubernetes networking: A journey in cloud-native packet management

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The recent "TunnelVision" attacks reinforce the need for a new security paradigm. Let's explore how this type of attack can be mitigated in the future and what tools we need.

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May 16 2024
How to chart Kubernetes egress traffic with ease

Discover how Otterize helps you gain visibility into your egress Kubernetes connections.

Automate workload IAM, intuitively

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