🤯 Gradually deploy network policies without risk of downtime.Learn how

Declare your intents,
not your policies.

Stop wrestling with network policies, Kafka ACLs, mTLS and certificates. Simply declare what your services intend to call, and Otterize automatically configures your infrastructure, allowing declared access, blocking anything else.


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    Access control with network policies

    Stop maintaining a spaghetti of network policies. Bootstrap them from your existing traffic, and keep them automatically up to date.

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    Access control for kafka

    mTLS access for your Kafka clients, and topic-level permissions, without worrying about certs or maintaining ACLs.

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    Intent-based access control

    Make secure access effortless with a cloud-native, declarative approach – and end up with a zero-trust service-to-service network.

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Transparent authorization in two steps: Declare, apply and you’re done.

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  • Declare

    Otterize Action Explanation: Declare

    Developers simply declare what they intend to call, in client intents files that live with their code.

    No maintaining server permissions and access controls. No figuring out security mechanisms. No manual access requests.

    You can even bootstrap intents files with the Otterize network mapper!

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  • Apply

    Otterize Action Explanation: Apply

    Apply one or more client intents files into your Kubernetes cluster to “make it so”:

    kubectl apply intents/my-service.yaml

  • Done

    Otterize Action Explanation: Done

    All authorization is now automatically configured.

    Network policies and labels are set up, Kafka ACLs are configured and tied to identities.

    Your services are now protected. All intended calls are now authorized, and anything else is blocked.

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Declare, apply and you're done.